Workforce involvement with Global Construction

Construction workers and managers having a discussion across a tableThere is much to be gained by organisations taking action to improve communication across different functions and levels of the business.   It breaks down barriers, enhances collaboration and encourages people to learn from one another.

This case study describes how Global Construction used a process we call ‘enhanced world cafe’ to enable leaders, managers and frontline staff to share knowledge and experience of safety process systems in order to find more effective solutions to problems.

This ‘safety forum’ delivered four priorities for safety improvement.

  • Improve communication and worker involvement.
  • Simplify near miss reporting by evolving this into safety observations.
  • Use technology to improve feedback and communication with the workforce e.g. email, text messaging.
  • Provide better explanations for specific rules and regulations.

Download PDF: Building Trust & Working Together

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Images courtesy of Derek Gordon.

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