A new approach to safety leadership with Premier Oil

group engagingForum Interactive worked in collaboration with SETT for Safety to design a development program for Premier Oil that took a very new approach to safety leadership training.

For a lot of people health & safety is a dry subject involving charts, graphs and tables which people look at and respond with ‘oh yes of course we must do that but we’re also under pressure to do all these other things…’

We were looking for something different.  We wanted a program that would generate significant impact, shake off any underlying apathy and fundamentally change the way participants think about safety.

Jan Rusin, Health Environment Safety & Security Manager at Premier Oil

oil worker standing in front of training groupThis two day safety leadership program combined experiential with knowledge based learning.  It was delivered to all levels from technicians to senior managers to achieve the required cultural shift.  The program took participants through a process of developing engagement, motivation, skills and action.

Most people initially felt uncomfortable with the approach – But every one of those people on the program has said that the experience was powerful and a strong motivator. It generated an emotional connection with safety by reminding them of the consequences of getting safety wrong.  In this way the session has hit home the point that safety should be a fundamental part of everyone’s job.

We are already witnessing positive change.  These range from comments and feedback from participants to direct action being taken in the workplace.  For example, one participant introduced ‘safety moments’ into team meetings with key employees and contractors.  He used one of the exercises from the program to demonstrate how important getting good safety design is to Premier Oil.  He used what he’s learnt to get everyone to stop and think, and to demonstrate Premier’s values.  This is exactly the kind of cultural shift we are seeking.

Jan Rusin, Health Environment Safety & Security Manager at Premier Oil

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