Behavioural Safety with Babcock


Scene 1 of Andy's Story
Scene 1 of Andy’s Story

Forum Interactive are working with Babcock on a one year behavioural safety programme at their Rosyth dockyard in Fife.  Working with around 1000 people in mixed groups from all diciplines and at all levels, we recently ran their first sessions with employees from their central facilities and management teams working with apprentice welders and the Aircraft Carrier Alliance Assembly workforce.  In close collaboration with Babcock’s Health and Safety management team a programme has been agreed and objectives set.

We will

  • Raise awareness of the consequences of getting it wrong for the person involved, the family and work colleagues and the importance of taking personal responsibility for your own and others’ safety.
  • Develop practical skills in order to have positive safety conversations

Using a series of dramatic scenes based on a real incident.  (Picture – Actor Consultants)  Participants are able to work together to stop the incident happening through intervening with the characters and influencing them to more positive actions.  This allows the group to practice their own intervention skills and see the impact on the characters in the scenario.
So far the feedback has been wonderful, people are enthusiastically interacting with the scenario, the messages that are being taken away are in line with company values around safety and are key to encouraging and supporting the individual’s understanding and behaviour when it comes to safety and safety interventions.

The programme will be monitored and evaluated quarterly.

A really well facilitated session.  The actors were excellent interacting with the audience and most importantly a really strong message on how to adopt the correct manner when challenging an unsafe act.  Highly recommend!” 

Graeme Ramsay, Technical Training Manager, Babcock

I will approach people in a more friendly manner in order to play my part in changing the culture.

A participating apprentice welder

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