Working towards an Incident Free safety culture with Maersk Oil

Maersk_KBR_4138I can’t believe we are already well into the second year of our three year contract working on Incident-Free.  The safety workshops have been developed with, and are being delivered in partnership with Maersk Oil.  The client is committed to making sure that all their people, both onshore and offshore, and their contractors, are engaged in the same process and feel confident and able to intervene in a positive and caring manner.

The programme has three strands running alongside each other:

  • Workforce Incident-Free conversations
  • Managers Incident-Free decision making skills
  • Worksite leaders.

The Maersk Oil Values are used as the starting point of any safety intervention. They relate directly to the attitudes and behaviours that support a positive safety culture: ‘Humbleness, Constant care, Uprightness, Our name and Our employees.  These values are the foundation of Incident-Free and they underpin and provide focus for the way that Maersk Oil employees and contractors are expected to treat each other. They are referred to directly when discussing how we have a better conversation, when discussing how decisions are made and they underpin the elements focused on during the ‘worksite leader’ strand of the programme.  We are working with Maersk Oil to provide practical learning that helps people in the company feel ownership of these values and embody them in the way they communicate with others.

KBR_4191The programme is designed to be very experiential. It focuses on how we have that conversation. How we make that decision? What influences our processes? What do we say? How do we say it? What happens if we are challenged? How do we ask the right questions and make sure we are listening to understand? How do we make sure that we stay in a frame of mind where we are open and adult? It uses a mix of learning supported by live interactive scenarios designed to meet the learning objectives for each group. Participants are able to coach the characters and experience the impact of their approach. This allows people to practice the skills they have learnt in a safe but challenging environment and it’s enjoyable!

The programme has already been delivered to over 800 people. Last month colleagues at Maersk Oil together with the Forum Interactive team worked with the design team in Leatherhead and the marine construction team in Nigg. When Maersk Oil say everyone they MEAN everyone!  The launch of the Incident-Free (Safety) Campaign at Isleburn Nigg ended on a high with loud applause and very positive feedback from participants on the day.

Participant Quotes:

‘this was an excellent workshop, superbly facilitated”

“acted scenes were much more powerful than video or slides”

“we stand or fail together, relationships are key to success”

“a key message was the importance of coaching in changing behaviour, not just giving advice’

Incident Free was a finalist in the Workforce Engagement category at the UK Oil and Gas awards.

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