Robust decision-making in a cost-cutting environment

Cost Cutting

We’re delighted to be working with Rod Sylvester-Evans (RSE Consultants Ltd) and Tim Ingram (Strategic Safety Consultants) in the design and delivery of this seminar programme for key decision-makers.

Robust decision-making in a cost cutting environment.

The Oil and Gas Industry is facing a period of financial pressure which impacts on operational costs and resources leading to cuts in provision. History tells us that, every time there have been cost-cutting measures, major incidents have occurred off-shore.  This highly interactive seminar programme delivers improved decision-making skills and a strategic plan for cost reduction.

The programme offers opportunity for leadership teams to review their decision-making practice.  The resulting benefits are demonstrated in Download PDF: Case Study with Maersk Oil.

Tim Ingram has 30 years of major hazard industry experience working as a Global HSEQ specialist with Dana Petroleum, Maersk Oil, WoodGroup PSN, KCADeutag, Marathon and Texaco.   Tim was the Health and Safety Executive’s Principal Inspector of offshore and onshore gas and pipeline facilities throughout Scotland.  He chaired the IOSH Offshore Group and has been an active participant in various Oil and Gas UK, IOSH and Step Change initiatives.

Rod Sylvester-Evans is a safety and process engineer with 40 years’ experience of accident investigation, safety engineering and risk assessment. Rod has worked extensively with dutyholders, service contractors, legal teams and regulators worldwide. He has an in-depth, working knowledge of the UK offshore health and safety regulatory regime and its implementation.

Rod has been involved in major accident investigation cases including Flixborough (1974), Kings Cross (1986), Piper Alpha (1988) (working directly for Lord Cullen and Crown Counsel), Ocean Odyssey (1988), Longford (1998), Ladbroke Grove (1999), P-36 (2001), Brent Bravo (2003), ICL Plastics (2004), Bombay High Platform (2005), Buncefield (2005).This case study with

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