Safety behaviour seminars with Network Rail High Speed

859947_10151294693588091_455568035_oIn response to their safety climate survey, Network Rail High Speed asked us to design a programme for all employees that would motivate them to improve their own behaviour in relation to health and safety.

We developed two different seminars.  The first addressed safety behaviour in the context of a high risk track and infrastructure environment.  The second was set in the context of a lower risk station environment and was designed for station and back office staff.

Network Rail High Speed wanted to deliver the programme intensively over a 2 week period.  In 10 full day sessions in March, approximately 150 of the 400 staff experienced the seminar.  The organisation intends to roll out the programme to remaining staff by the end of 2015.

This commitment to health and safety is jointly funded by Network Rail High  Speed and track owners High Speed 1.

For further information please contact:

Glen Robertson

+44(0) 7920 207730


  1. Stephen James says

    Having participated in same, I can endorse the great benefit of the programme and would recommend it to all in railway (and other high risk) organisations.