H&S in the Office

For nearly 10 years we’ve been developing and delivering safety leadership and behavioural safety programmes with clients in high risk sectors including Oil and Gas, Building and Construction and Transport and Logistics.How to Intervene? Petroleum Geo-Services - A Client Perspective

These high risk sectors of course have large numbers of support staff vital in delivering a quality service and based in lower risk environments.  If they are also to be involved in developing an effective safety culture, then they need to understand how safety is relevant them.

So in what way is health and safety an issue in lower risk environments,  for example, an office?

In our current work with Network Rail High Speed, discussions identified the need to include staff in lower risk roles and environments in the business- wide behavioural safety initiative see link below:

Safety behaviour seminars with Network Rail High Speed

A similar need was identified in a previous programme of sessions with The Glenmorangie Company see link to Case Study pdf below:

Health and Safety in an Office Environment

In both cases the need was evidenced by levels of apparently trivial ‘slips, trips and falls’ statistics. There were no fatalities in the statistics but countless numbers of near miss incidents involving staff, contractors and customers.

We created Elaine’s Story which concerns just such a near miss incident in a lower risk environment and its potential consequences.

Below are some responses from Network Rail High Speed and The Glenmorangie Company staff to Elaine’s Story:

“The story was shocking. It forces you to think!”

“I need to remember that the smallest things can have the biggest consequences.”

“I need to be more aware of the hazards I create- move my bag and stop using my desk as a filing cabinet.”

“We must remember the things we do affects others and understand the consequences.”

“We’re all responsible and must intervene, speak up and listen.”

Elaine’s Story is extremely flexible and can be adapted to ANYlower risk office environment in ANY business or sector.

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