Focusing the safety lens with Babcock

This Safety Lens is about taking care of yourself and others

Babcock, Rosyth knows that to bring about improvements in health and safety performance there is a need for our people to work together towards  a set of common goals….Forum Interactive are Babcock-clients key strand in this aspiration” Andy Forbes MBE, Director of Health and Safety Improvement

In January 2014, Andy Forbes the Director of Health and Safety Improvement at Babcock International based at Rosyth, asked us to a meeting to discuss the possibility of us contributing to Babcock’s workplace culture strategy. Andy took us through the progress they had reached.

“To be truly effective Babcock Rosyth believes that health and safety has to be an everyday process supported by all on site as an integral part of our workplace culture. The journey we have embarked upon has seen the strategy implemented over a series of building blocks consisting of policy and process, leading indicators, visible leadership and of course – employee engagement. It was at this point we identified that we wanted to find new ways to continue to motivate our people to improve health and safety performance…this was when we started working with Forum Interactive.”

Since June 2014 we have become a regular fixture at Rosyth. We support the Health and Safety team with employee engagement workshops on a monthly basis, involving supervisors, managers, operatives and office workers from across the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (BAE Systems, Ministry of Defence, Thales UK, VT Group, Babcock).   Here is a wholehearted endorsement from one of the H&S managers from BAE Systems:

“This is the BEST training you will EVER have.” Willie McLachlan

We also deliver

  • Workshops for the leadership teams across the Rosyth site which includes employees from Babcock, BP Quad and the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.
  • Workshops for supervisors on developing good team relationships focussing on the pre-job start up.

Andy continues; 

Forum Interactive is now an important part of our health and Safety strategy here at Babcock Rosyth. Monthly feedback from Forum Interactive has resulted in team briefs and updates as well as Visible Leadership style discussion on the joint management and workforce commitment to health and safety on the site.

Babcock’s safety team embrace the feedback we provide from each session as part of the “share to learn and improve” element of the ’safety lens’- a proactive tool to help improve safety culture and deliver on its safety commitments.

We regularly receive feedback on progress made so far and what’s been put in place to improve safety, culture and behaviours. As a result our ongoing work contributes to the improved safety statistics and the overall culture of the site. Andy says;

“To bring about improvements in health and safety performance there is a need for our people to work together towards a set of common goals – Forum Interactive are a key strand in this aspiration.  We look forward to a continuing partnership which continues to build a positive, supportive on-site culture.”

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