Health and Safety training in building and construction

Forum Interactive delivers Health and Safety training to the house building and construction industriesOur work in Health and Safety in building and construction

At Forum Interactive, our work in Health and Safety training in the building and construction sector supports organisations to build and maintain an effective safety culture through engagement with leaders, managers and operational staff. We are about ‘transforming cultures in the workplace’ – changing attitudes, behaviours and cultures.

In high risk industries like building and construction, continuous improvement in health and safety practice needs to be integral to the business and operational strategies. The previous attention paid to Health and Safety and organisations’ attempts to instill good practice has been heightened by recent changes in law, making individuals personally liable should accidents occur. It is clear that it is not only a requirement to have good policies and procedures but companies must now live and breathe Health and Safety so it becomes an embedded culture. Many leading companies have rigorous and effective approaches and all involve work to improve behaviours, from top to bottom.

Transforming cultures in the workplace – Good track record

We have had a good deal of success within the sphere of Health and Safety training, recently with Taylor Wimpey and Babcock, and also through our work in the Oil and Gas sector.
We can offer solutions to a range of issues;

  • improving leadership in Health and Safety
  • involving management teams and supervisors to work more effectively together
  • managing safety in an environment of increasing time pressure
  • change attitudes, behaviours and cultures for all staff (particularly on site)

Unique elements to our work

There are several unique elements of our work

– we design our scenarios to reflect exactly our client’s work environment so that they are relevant to their staff and they are able to recognise themselves and their colleagues
– our skilled facilitators promote an unthreatening environment for staff to talk and contribute to the H&S discussion
– the use of professional actors makes the experience very engaging, dramatic, meaningful and therefore memorable
–  it assists in the real development of good safety behaviours

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