Scottish Housebuilders aim to improve health and safety culture

Forum Interactive deliver a demonstration on behavioural leadership in health and safety culture at the Scottish Housebuilders H&S Forum

Scottish Housebuilders try to improve health and safety culturesThe Scottish Housebuilders Health and Safety Forum invited Forum Interactive to deliver one of their health and safety culture sessions to their quarterly event at the Hilcroft Hotel in Whitburn yesterday. Around 60 industry representatives from around Scotland attended the event. The agenda for the day highlighted the importance of Health and Safety cultures in the industry.

The drama-based scenario enacted a real life situation

The Forum Interactive session presented a scenario involving a regional director, commercial director and site manager of a fictitious building company, demonstrating the tensions and behaviours surrounding a site with challenges and the pressures of deadlines, which ultimately resulted in a fatal accident.  The scenario was based on a real event that had occurred.

Interactive method improves engagement

In the first part of the session, the scenario was set by the facilitator and then played out using professional actors. There followed a general discussion of what behaviours had been seen and the dangers that they were potentially causing. The second part of the session re-ran the drama but allowed the audience to participate and coach the characters in the scenario to improve their behaviours with the intention of preventing the fatal accident. There were lively questions and suggestions that the actors were able to use to modify their behaviours, and so improve their dialogue and their actions, thereby reducing the risks on the site.

All attendees said that they found it extremely stimulating, all being to identify with the scenario which had been played out. It is an engaging and memorable method of learning and applicable to all levels of a business.

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