Safety Behaviour Seminars with the PGS Ramform Titan

Forum Interactive delivers Safety Behaviour Seminars with the PGS Ramform Titan crew for a marine seismic survey off the Egyptian coast.


The Oil price continues to limit global exploration for oil and gas.

But global demand means survey work continues. There remains the priority for the work to be delivered safely and Safety Behaviour is critical in this.

PGS invited Forum Interactive to deliver mobilisation workshop seminars on Safety Behaviour.

Over 70 marine and seismic crew, Senior Managers and Health and Safety Professionals from PGS and the client BP gathered in Limassol, Cyprus for the session.


The sessions

There were 2 sessions and Participants were presented with a scenario Sean’s Story, depicting a fatal injury incident aboard a seismic survey vessel.

The scenario examined:

  • the influence of Shift leaders/Supervisors;
  • resultant behaviour/attitudes of a Gun Mechanic team;
  • the actions which then contributed to the incident.

Participants were then invited to use their own experience of PGS ‘Managing Our Key Safety Risks’ in an interactive session to influence the Gun Mechanic team to change their behaviour and affect a different approach to mitigate the chances of the fatal incident occurring.


Participants identified the need to develop and maintain- ‘One Culture of Respectful Challenge and Response’ with:

  • Relationship interactions which demonstrate Respect, Trust and Openness;
  • Open and Honest Communication at all levels;

Among key Behavioural elements of a genuine and robust Safety Culture.

The crews were very positively engaged throughout the seminar sessions and the Forum Interactive team were invited to tour the Ramform Titan. This was an amazing experience! The PGS Titan class vessels are ‘state of the art’ in both the care, comfort and safety of crews and the high quality of data they can acquire.


By Glen Robertson