’10 Days’ – A Case Study With William Purves

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We were very surprised to be contacted by William Purves, a company of funeral directors, earlier this year.

This is a sector new to Forum Interactive and I suppose we had just never considered where our work would fit, in this very specialised business.

The whole area of dealing with the complexities at the end of a loved one’s life is one laden with assumptions, sensitivities, myth and for some, negative experiences.

William Purves is a soft-skills driven business that sets out to deliver the best possible experience for everyone involved.

The 4 William Purves Values- Compassion, Dedication, Integrity and Respect are central to the process and it was very clear after an initial conversation with Managing Director James Morris and HR Manager Mairi Mitchell where Forum Interactive and William Purves could work together.

‘We believe that every member of our team should be constantly looking to improve themselves both in their service provision professionally and as a person. Much of our skill is in ‘soft skills’ and ‘emotional intelligence’ and relationship building in often fraught circumstances as we deal with the realities and pain of bereavement and the many and varied challenges they bring. So, to have someone who could bring these essential relational skills to life in an interactive setting was absolutely, ideal for us’.

James Morris, Managing Director


We delivered a session for all William Purves staff in Edinburgh on 6th June 2017, where the focus was very much on developing awareness and understanding of the importance and impact of the soft-skills on the experience of individuals and families.

Bridging the Leadership and Culture Change areas, working closely with the William Purves staff was an enlightening and moving experience for us all.


Download PDF: ’10 Days’ – William Purves Case Study

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