Investing in the Future with Babcock

We can’t believe that it is now four years since we started working with Babcock.Clients-forum-interactive

We have developed a really positive partnership with the Health and Safety teams at Rosyth, Devonport and Appledore and designed and delivered a range of internal programmes and global conferences, all using live interactive drama.

Our initial focus was on

  • Senior managers, and their safety leadership responsibility and corporate accountability,
  • Workforce and supervisors to develop positive attitudes and behaviours towards safety and in particular the qualities of trust, respect, communication and team work for everyone.

Our most recent programme being rolled out at Devonport is designed for apprentices, graduates and new starts. It focuses on building the confidence to have positive safety interventions. These groups are possibly at greater risk being new to the business and Apprentices and Graduates being the future of the organisation and are highly motivated to learn and make a difference.

Many apprentices and graduates say they don’t feel confident to intervene with someone who has been there a lot longer than they have and probably knows their job a lot better. Graduates can sometimes feel they have theoretical expertise but no practical experience so don’t feel confident to “tell someone else their job!”

Our programme uses a number of different dramatic scenarios created with the original pilot group and designed to focus on the key issues that new starts but especially apprentices and graduates can face when intervening.

The group practice their coaching skills on the characters and scenarios in order to get a positive outcome to each situation. They can stop and start the action and influence the characters to change their attitudes and behaviour. If something doesn’t work within the scenario it can be erased and they can try something different. They can also find out what drives the characters, how they feel and think about their experiences on the fictitious site. Through this process they experience the impact of asking the right question and listening as opposed to telling. They also realise that everyone feels the same and the more they practice, the more they will gain confidence and therefore have a positive impact on the whole safety culture.

We will be delivering this programme to more than 1000 people over the next three months.