Advancing with HE

Across the summer one of our long-standing clients the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) merged with the Higher Education Equality Challenge Unit and the Higher Education Academy to form ADVANCE HE.


We’ve been working with the LFHE, contributing to a number of their programmes since 2009 and our input to the Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership programme (PSSL) has been in place since 2010.


PSSL Programme Directors Doug Parkin and Rebecca Nestor have developed a model for leadership emerging from many sessions with engaged and challenging delegates-

 ‘Connected Leadership’:

  • Connecting with yourself relates to your values, history, emotional intelligence and personal priorities.
  • Connecting with other people is all about relationships, communication, empathy, influence and negotiation.
  • Connecting with the organisation concerns context, ethos, strategy, purpose, narrative and direction.
  • Connecting with the wider world involves listening, contributing and impacting – shaping futures, contributing to communities, society, the economy and the environment.

Within the scaffolding provided by the Connected Leadership model, our Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership programme creates a secure forgiving space for new and aspiring senior leaders (academic and professional) to explore their motivation, purpose and values, and build personal resilience. Alongside this the programme provides some very realistic, practically-focused learning activities linked to situational challenges such as handling sensitive issues, negotiating with partners, and using active inquiry to explore current issues in higher education.

Doug Parkin and Rebecca Nestor- Programme Directors PSSL- November 2018.


Forum Interactive delivers a robust leadership, situational challenge in the area of ‘Handing Sensitive Issues’.

Our session reflects some tricky challenges facing senior leaders in HE and has been continuously updated and revised since 2010.


We completed our first sessions under the new Advance HE in June in Manchester and more recently in Nottingham at the beginning of November and we look forward to continuing our work into the future.


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