Babcock International Group focuses on Mental Health and Wellbeing at Annual Safety Conference.

In a 2017 survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics, Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 50 and about four in five (10,688) deaths included in the analysis were among men. The ONS found low-skilled male construction workers had the greatest risk, at 3.7 times above the national average.

The Government’s Department of Health advises that one in four of us, men and women, will experience mental ill health at some point in our lives. It is therefore important that employers and their staff take steps to promote positive mental health and support those experiencing mental ill health.

We have been working with Babcock International Group for the last five years using interactive dramatic scenarios focused on behavioural safety approaches and intervention. This year the Corporate Safety Steering Group worked with us to create a dramatic scenario focusing on the personal and professional impact of anxiety and pressure in the workplace leading to deteriorating mental health.150 delegates watched scenes that followed the impact of a stressful situation at work. The scenes explored the impact on the individual, her family and her work colleagues. Delegates discussed questions related to the scenario and their own feelings and circumstances. They shared ways in which everyone can take care of themselves and their colleagues and intervene to support each other. Babcock will use the feedback from the session to further improve and develop their “Safe home Every Day” culture. They are the first organisation that has commissioned us to develop a session specifically on Mental Health.

Working with Forum Interactive was a really rewarding experience.  They took our original case study and worked this into a script, which achieved all of our objectives, whilst remaining true to the case study.  Working together we fine-turned the script and both Tess and Graham kept us informed every step of the way.  They were not just our ‘contractor’ but a core part of the team. Together we successfully delivered the mental health session at our Group Safety Conference that was true, with impact and sensitivity.  Tess facilitated the whole session and worked closely with us to ensure that the salient points were captured.  The session was a real talking point of the day and helped us to break down the barriers and some of the stigma around mental health.  As a business we have worked with Forum for over 5 years and the relationship has gone from strength to strength.” Gemma Wheeler, Regional SHEQS Manager, Babcock International Corporate Safety Steering Group.

Look at to health for more information and ways in which to raise the importance of mental health in the work place.

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