Unsettling times – the power of ‘Being Present’ for forward thinking leaders

Everywhere we look whether its Politics, Climate Change, Education, Social Services or the state of our health, there is turmoil and uncertainty. It can feel overwhelming and create anxiety and paralysis in us as individuals, the organisations we work for and communities we live in.

In response to this, we are finding that the organisations we work with are increasingly focusing on developing leaders who understand the power of engaging and motivating their teams in unexpected ways that energise and build confidence and unity.

Leaders are trying new methods that engage the whole person and build confidence and skills in ‘being present’. We all know when we are having a great conversation. Everything flows, we express opinions without being judged, we build on ideas, we trust the other person, we can tolerate uncertainty as we move together towards a positive way forward. We are curious and exploratory rather than reactive and time bound. We feel valued, fulfilled, energised and motivated towards action.

We are being approached by more and more leaders who want to develop these skills in themselves and their teams and are turning to experiential learning that engages the whole person. It is incredibly reassuring in these difficult times to find so many leaders who understand the lasting impact of ‘being present’.

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