Leading myself before leading others

We are currently facing an election in the UK and have the daily opportunity (positive framing!) to experience the impact of lots of leaders with different styles. Most of us will have tuned into the political scene both at home and across the world at some point. What makes us listen and trust one person over another? Is it just what they say or how they say it?

What convinces us that they really believe that what they are proposing is for the benefit of everyone rather than for personal advancement? We need to choose our next leader and leadership team. What factors will we take into account? Will any of these be based on our personal responses to an individual style of leadership?

I ask these questions because we have worked with a variety of organisations this year and have been impressed and encouraged by the importance that they have placed on the understanding of self, motivation, personal histories and experiences. The leadership work we have been asked to develop has all been focused on finding who we are and what drives us before thinking about how we lead others.

Individuals are given the opportunity and time to reflect and explore what is really important to them, their mental models, their beliefs and how they might be limiting them, their balance, health, inner critics, energy and flow. These are all areas and concepts of Self that would not be explored ten years ago.

I sometimes find myself reading the news and being incredulous at the behaviour of leaders across the globe. I am hugely encouraged by the approach taken by so many organisations across every sector to really think about what kind of leaders they want and to give those people the opportunity to understand themselves before they start thinking about leading anyone else.


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