About Us

Forum Interactive was established in 1998 and is based in Edinburgh.  We work for a large number of clients within a wide spectrum of industries across the UK and internationally, delivering successful training programmes which have made a direct impact on our clients’ businesses.




Tess Allen - Forum Interactive
Theatre can transform our understanding of who we are in the world.

Tess Allen, Director

As a director at Forum Interactive I am always learning. As a consultant, facilitator, teacher and business coach I have now spent a surprising number of years using drama to support learning and development in work settings. Every client and every contract provides the opportunity to create something new and unique in order meet the learning objectives set in partnership with the client. Work is never dull or routine. I am proud of the fact that as a company, the learning of the client group is always but always our most important focus.

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Email: tess@foruminteractive.co.uk


Graham Sharrock, Director

Graham Sharrock - Team
Everyone can achieve their potential – given the right support.

With a background in teaching, theatre, psychology and executive coaching, working in the field of organisational learning and development was an exciting and logical extension – hence Forum Interactive. I love writing and facilitating bespoke forum sessions for smaller groups and new plays for larger conference audiences. The goal is always to create insightful, complex worlds and characters that engage audiences on an intellectual and emotional level providing the opportunity for deeper sustained learning. In addition, executive coaching offers the privileged process to focus on an individual’s challenges, strengths and perspectives to uncover new solutions.

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Email: graham@foruminteractive.co.uk


All our clients have access to a Director who will be ultimately responsible for the training programmes and will provide a strategic overview of the planning, delivery and review of all work ensuring that it contributes to our clients’ business.


Support Team

Our work depends on the support of a large and talented resource of development, project management, administration and IT staff based in our Edinburgh offices.

Plus we have a large group of trusted and highly skilled professionals: actors, drama and theatre practitioners, learning and development facilitators, film makers, IT and media specialists, designers, accountants and PR specialists.