We have many years of experience in a variety of industries and organisations – both in private and public sectors. We use our specialist knowledge to advise on planning and delivery of bespoke behavioural programmes in leadership, health & safety and culture change across a range of senior management and culture improvement areas.

Our work is about transforming attitudes, behaviours and cultures at work. By using drama-based and interactive techniques we make it truly engaging and meaningful, and so make a direct impact on business performance.

Our clients have told us that we are unique and more effective than our competitors  in the way we deliver our bespoke training because:

  • We research, plan and design our scenarios to reflect exactly your workplace environment, making it relevant and recognizable for your colleagues and staff.
  • We use professional actors to bring more incisive drama and realism to the scenarios making an emotional impact.
  • Our skilled facilitators involve and manage staff in groups and always bring the discussions back to the key objectives of the programme.
  • We provide feedback from the groups so you can incorporate findings into active improvement strategies.


  • Leadership - Forum Interactive

  • Culture-Change - Forum Interactive

  • Health-and-Safety - Forum Interactive