Culture Change

Changes in business strategy, new market developments, re-structuring, mergers or take-overs all require changes to culture. These changes provide an opportunity to improve the way that your teams work together or with customers.

How our process works

We design and deliver bespoke programmes to reflect your business and the issues you face, giving relevance for staff.
‘Live action’ scenarios, using professional actors, enable us to place the clients’ learning and development issues in a human context. Participants operate as investigators, witnessing events, identifying problems and issues and coaching characters on dealing with them. In response, actors improvise in character showing the outcomes of the suggestions. This allows everyone to try out options and use their skills and experience to practice in a “safe” environment.
Our skilled facilitators manage the discussions ensuring involvement and a constant link to learning outcomes. This format works really well for gathering employee feedback and perspectives on cultural change inputting to future strategies and improvement.


Culture change programmes

Here is a list of topics we are able to deliver to you. We can create bespoke programmes specific to your needs.

Planning for Change means understanding your people, understanding the task and building a robust plan that everyone is genuinely committed to. We can help you with your initial research and intelligence gathering, your planning and  making sure that your leaders are committed and getting the message across in an inspirational manner.

Download PDF: Process Safety Leadership: a program that delivers physical, emotional and intellectual challenge
Download PDF: The Innerwick Experience– Coaching for senior leaders on getting the message across

When a new broom sweeps into an organisation they often have the difficult task of changing the Culture. We all have different reactions and responses to change and we can go back and forward through the curve many times until we get to the acceptance stage.

Our work with teams during the change process allows people to explore and experience others perspectives and work towards making sure that high performance is still a priority when the landscape is changing and we can feel unsettled and insecure.

Whether you are launching a new SAP system or new Values there is always going to be resistance to Change. How you present it and how you include everyone in shaping the change is vital in making sure that it becomes embedded and works to improve your business. Our small group coaching allows people to work on their continuing support and development needs through the Change process and helps individuals and teams to voice concerns and manage sticking points.
Developing leadership culture with Maersk oil

Change is an ongoing process and needs to be regularly monitored, assessed and evaluated from within and without the organisation. We can help you devise methods using informal or formal techniques that will provide practical tools for assessment and future action.

We provide individualised and targeted development set against the organisational and personal objectives. We use active, experiential coaching techniques.
Introducing a Personal Development Programme for all staff