Health and Safety

All companies and organisations have legal responsibilities in relation to the health, safety and their employees. Unsafe acts can lead to time lost through injury, damage to assets and compensation payments. In the worst cases, Corporate Manslaughter legislation is a very real issue for Senior Leaders and Managers. Anything that reduces the frequency of incidents, saves the business money and promotes the health and well-being of staff. They must deal with the issues proactively to not only ensure compliance but embed a positive culture in their working practices.


Why our process works

We have great experience of delivering programmes to companies on health and safety across a range of industries. We design and deliver bespoke programmes which are relevant to your company and staff, and to your H&S objectives. Our skilled facilitators ensure involvement and discussions are linked to learning outcomes making the training effective. And the feedback mechanism ensures continuous improvement.

Our drama-based techniques, using professional actors and ‘live-action’ scenarios will:

  • Develop employee engagement.
  • Enable people to understand why accidents happen and how this relates to the systems and processes they operate.
  • Improve the quality of safety conversations at all levels.
  • Improve the skills, effectiveness and commitment of leaders.


We offer a range of bespoke programmes

Here is a range of Behaviour and Leadership topics we can offer to Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Operatives in both high and lower risk working environments. We create bespoke programmes specific to your needs.

Adopting Collective Responsibility for Health and Safety – Download PDF: Adopting Collective Responsibility for HSE

This programme examines how the behaviour of Senior Managers/Directors has an impact on safety behaviour on site and the need to be aware of their legal responsibilities.

Examining the importance of decision making – what contributes to and influences the quality of the decision making processWorking towards an Incident Free safety culture with Maersk Oil

In this programme Managers examine the impact their decisions will have on safe working in Operations and in particular the impact decisions onshore have on safe working offshore.

Developing an increased awareness of leaders’ role in driving the right safety behaviours across the business- Download PDF: Process Safety Leadership: a program that delivers physical, emotional and intellectual challenge

This programme offers a blended learning approach to challenge leaders physically, intellectually and emotionally.  It combines:

  • Experiential, drama based learning.
  • Learning on Process Safety Leadership delivered by partners.
  • Demonstrations of industry specific explosions delivered by partners.

Developing awareness of the need for Operatives to take personal responsibility for their own behaviour and the behaviour of colleagues in relation to health and safety- Behavioural Safety with Babcock

This programme uses an interactive live action scenario to:

  • Raise awareness of the consequences of getting it wrong for the person involved, the family and work colleagues and the importance of taking personal responsibility for your own and others’ safety.
  • Develop practical skills in order to have positive safety conversations.

In response to a safety climate survey conducted for Network Rail High Speed we designed a programme for all employees to motivate them to improve their own behaviour in relation to health and safety- Safety behaviour seminars with Network Rail High Speed

This programme uses an interactive live action scenario:

  • To motivate staff towards action to develop and improve behaviour in relation to health and safety.
  • To motivate staff towards action to influence the behaviour of colleagues they work with in relation to health and safety.
  • Staff will identify action(s) to develop and improve their own behaviour and the behaviour of others in relation to health and safety which will have a significant positive impact on Safety Culture.

Motivating a substantive change in attitudes and behaviours to shift the balance of priorities in Lower Risk sites, like offices. Health and Safety should become a top priority for all employees- H &S in the Office

This programme uses an interactive live action scenario:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of prioritising health and safety  in an office environment.
  • To clarify that health and safety is the responsibility of everyone, whatever their role.
  • Develop commitment of staff to prioritising health and safety in their office environments.
  • Demonstrate commitment to prioritising health and safety by identifying  action.

Motivating and inspiring senior leaders to lead the change the culture of their organisation and their attitudes towards safety-  First Group Case Study

This programme used a live action scenario based on Bus Operations for participants:

  • To recognise and understand that the organisation needs to change and the change needs to start with them.
  • To see safety differently and change attitudes and behaviour towards safety issues.
  • To be inspired and energised to spread this change in attitudes and behaviours throughout the organisation.

Enhancing and improving the quality of coordinated organisational and emergency services responses in a statutory exercise- Improving emergency exercises with Nynas UK AB

This programme uses a dramatised emergency incident:

  • To present authentic and unpredictable human responses to stress, fear and pain which emergency personnel have to manage.
  • To challenge personnel on the ground and at HQ by presenting inquisitive, persistent, journalists and anxious relatives.

A range of programmes in this sector developing health and safety practice and leadership skills at all levels- Our Work in Food and Beverages

These programmes use interactive live action scenarios and coaching.