Leadership is about seeing the bigger picture and knowing how the people, processes and plant interact in a coherent and harmonious way to maintain and build business integrity and efficiency. Leadership is often characterised as ‘transformative’ while management is more ‘transactional’ but the day-to-day reality is more complex than that.

We design our bespoke programmes to reflect your company and recreate this multi-layered complexity. We create and play out ‘live action’ scenarios, using professional actors, engaging your managers with recognisable business challenges. By watching and transforming the drama, your participants analyse, plan and perform together to develop the scenario with more positive outcomes. With our skilled facilitators, your participants are practicing the skills they need in a ‘safe’ environment, and can agree on behavioural strategies going forward.

Leadership and Management Skills Development programmes

Here is a list of topics we are able to deliver to you – to groups of up to 30 senior and middle managers, or conferences, or even on a 1 to 1 basis. We can create bespoke programmes specific to your needs.

A business is the sum of its parts and the senior ‘team’ is a gathering of different skill-sets, personalities and communication styles. Our scenario presents a ‘team’ of three directors who are not performing together – they are a ‘team’ in name only. The challenge is to create an environment in which the differences operate as a cohesive asset and not as competing liabilities.

Download PDF: Case Study with Maersk Oil

A meeting between a manager and a direct report about performance should generally not present any surprises. Our scenario introduces a situation in which a manager’s confrontation is not well received. It leaves both characters frustrated, the issue unresolved and a severe blow to morale on both sides.

A leadership programme with National Services Scotland

There are some topics that most managers would prefer to avoid.  Our scenario focuses on an issue with a direct report which has been allowed to fester and reaches a point  where it finally needs to be broached. However, there can be hidden and unexpected surprises that need to be managed.

Download PDF: Chivas Brothers – Pernod Ricard

Changes in legislation, particularly around equality and diversity, can take a while to embed in appropriate work-based attitudes and behaviours. Topics which are deemed more personal present a particular challenge because the approach has to be handled with care. Our situation illustrates the pitfalls especially with regard to the language that is used and the assumptions and judgements that each of us can carry into a meeting.

Download PDF: I’ve never had any complaints

Effective executive coaching goes beyond simply improving performance, it encourages deeper inquiry and increased self-awareness so that each individual builds the self-belief and confidence in their own potential. Our highly qualified and experienced Coaches (Post Graduates, the University of Strathclyde) bring a wealth of creative approaches to each session to ensure targeted outcomes for both the individual and the organisation. Introducing a Personal Development Programme for all staff

We have a strong track record of creating exciting events that bring diverse staff groups to focus on the organisation’s needs and their unique contribution in achieving its goals. Our approach is to acknowledge resistance and doubt and move the group towards an understanding and appreciation that commonality, as well as difference, are assets. Ownership of the outcomes is key to sustainable success.

Download PDF: The Innerwick Experience

It is vitally important that wherever you sit in an organisation you get your message across when delivering to large or small groups. So many opportunities are missed if the message gets lost because of the way it is delivered. Our coaches are experts in working in a relaxed and informal way in order to improve preparation and presentation of content. Dependent on individual needs for improvement we may work on intention, presence and focus, body language, voice, pace and tone and anything that impedes the delivery of a powerful, engaging and memorable message.